Chalmers Johnson settlement for “trash out” victim

GSJones Law Group, Chalmers Johnson, was featured on a recent KOMO TV news segment on the illegal activities of “trash out” companies. Chalmers negotiated a settlement with Safeguard Properties for Byron Brassfield of Port Townsend. There are dozens of lawsuits against Safeguard filed every year for illegally entering foreclosed properties while the owners are still legally in possession and throwing away all the owners belongs, including mementos, photos and in one case even the urn containing a loved one’s ashes. Byron’s home was not even foreclosed when they broke into it and took everything to the dump.  Click here for the news story.

Chalmers loves getting compensation for people who have been injured or suffered serious wrongs. He would love to talk with you, if you need a strong attorney who will fight for you.

“You da Best”

Chalmers Johnson, one of our attorneys, flew to South Carolina a few days ago to once again argue before the State Supreme Court. He has been practicing law in Washington State since relocating in 2008 but, based on his reputation, Chalmers Johnson continues to be consulted on tough appeals in South Carolina. This clip shows the greeting of the Chief Justice which indicates the esteem in which he is held. In the vernacular of South Carolina the Chief Justice says to Chalmers: “You da best.” View the greeting for yourself.

While Chalmers focuses on personal injury and employment law, he has extensive experience in appellate work.